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Trademark Attorney India :

Trademark Attorney India is a part of global law firm of India i.e. RKF LAW. RKF LAW is providing Trademark Attorney services in India since 1997. Our Trademark Attorney service in India can help you to protect your trademark in India. Our Trademark attorney service is available all over India.

Trademark Attorney India: Trademark registration India and Trademark Litigation Service:

Trademark Attorney India (www.trademarkattorneyindia.con) is providing Trademark attorney services for Trademark registration and Trademark litigation services since 1997  under the Law firm: RKF LAW.

We are providing affordable & trustworthy expertise  Trademark legal services in India. We are providing assistance, guidance and trademark registration to clients worldwide.

The services of trademark attorney in India are vital and invaluable to all concerned fields of economy, and are an immensely significant part of creative and supportive services by the legal sector in India. Therefore, ours RKF LAW, globally prominent full-service law firm well-established in India provides the whole gamut of diverse services regarding trademarks, Patent, copyright  in all economic fields, in all across India, and other countries of the world, both at domestic and international levels. Today, our discerning and innovative law firm is reputed nationwide for obtaining the perfect and impeccable services of trademark attorneys in India, in every part of the country, quite promptly and economically. Ours these lavish and refined trademark attorneys services in India are described separately and exclusively in the section below. All classes of trademarks and service marks categorized in the globally accepted trademark classification, are served well and flawlessly by our internationally reputed and ingenious trademark attorneys in India and abroad. Here, it may be noted that we offer full-range of services also for all other intellectual property and all other areas of legal practice in India and abroad.

Trademark Attorneys Services in India :

To serve individuals and business entities established and doing business in diverse fields in locations all around the country, we undertake and perform punctually and responsibly their respective trademark registration with the concerned zonal trademark offices in India. The range of ours trademark attorneys services in India essentially encompasses - all-round and discerning support for creation and selection of the most suitable and visionary trademark, critical and scrupulous trademark searches through domestic and international jurisdictions, well-informed and flawless drafting and secured filing of trademark application at the desired national or international trademark office, prompt and rigorous trademark prosecution, trademark opposition, trademark watch and monitoring for well-rounded trademark protection within the jurisdictions concerned, expert resolution of diverse trademark disputes, and trademark infringement litigation in India and abroad. At international arena, trademark registration and protection well-supported by us with Our International Trademark attorneys. Here, it is noteworthy that, the Indian new Trade Marks Act, 1999, together with all amendments made thereto so far, is of world-standard, and in close conformity with most of the globally recognized trademark treaties and conventions of the world.

Trademark forms for Trademark Registration India 

Please click here to download the TM Power of Attorney form and client info sheet as attached. Please take the print of TM Power of Attorney form on Rs.100/- stamp paper, then fill and send it to our email id This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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