About Us

About Us

RKF LAW provides a comprehensive and highly professional legal service relating to patents, trademarks, finance & Property, Insurance, accidental cases i.e MACT cases, consumer & Family law matters . All of our associate’s attorneys are experienced  attorneys in their respective legal fields.

RKF LAW  is the one of the fastest growing, full-service law firms in the India. From launch with a single attorney in 1997, the firm now boasts more than 250 attorneys as team/associates making RKF one of the top law firms in the India.

Patent & Intellectual Property rights :

From the inception of ideas to the enforcement of Intellectual Property rights, RKF  Law can provide the service and advice you need.

We provide the full range of services expected from a leading patent and trade mark firm, however it is our dynamic approach to oppositions and appeals, strategic portfolio development and acquisition due diligence that distinguishes RKF within the intellectual property market place. The firm’s reputation has grown by providing clients with a combination of exceptional levels of service, commercial acumen and technical understanding.
International Patents & Trademarks

RKF LAW works with overseas patent and trademark attorneys to secure its clients intellectual property protection internationally. Our attorneys have extensive experience in securing global intellectual property rights and can help you to make the most of your intellectual property budget in the markets that matter to you.