Public Limited Company Registration India

Public Limited Company Registration Delhi

Public limited company registration is the command that approaches towards the registration of company to deal under the rules of public limited. Among the several types of modes of company including private limited, sole proprietor, partnership and many more, this type of public limited company is to be called with high reputation and honorable in the corporate world. As there are various complex perquisites for the public limited company registration that need to be followed as per the standard of companies act 1956. There are many rules like minimum number of shareholders, starting capital, director's strength and many more that have been mentioned below.

Public Limited Company Process in Delhi

The public limited companies in India are also registered under the rules and regulations of the Companies Act, 1956. We have been supporting a large number of entrepreneurs, professionals, industrialists, business owners, companies, and multinational corporations, belonging to India and abroad, in their respective public limited company registration in India. Our services for public limited company registration are available promptly and rather economically for almost all fields of commerce, industry, and profession, and anywhere in all across India.
For a public limited company registration in any field in India, the prescribed minimum amount of paid-up capital at the time of incorporation is INR 500,000/-. There is no limited to the maximum number of shareholders, but the minimum number of these must be seven. Again, there must be at least three directors to the proposed public limited company. Conducting timely Statutory Meetings and sending punctual Statutory Reports to the concerned ROC, are recommended, in case of such public limited companies in India. The public limited company registration process begins with forwarding at least for proposed names for the company to be registered to the Registrar of Companies (ROC) located in the State or Union Territory where the company is to establish its main office or conduct business from. The proposed names must include in the end the words, 'Public Limited'. After approval of any one of the names, the memorandum of Association (MOA) and the Articles of Association (AOA) must be filed with the ROC within a period of Six months, along with all other necessary documents and enclosures. After getting the Certificate of Incorporation, it becomes necessary for the public limited company to acquire the Certificate for the Commencement of Business, for start business in the desired field.