NGO Formation India

NGO Formation India

NGO stands for Non-Governmental Organization and its main motive is social service not to make any profits. NGO formation is a legal process like any other legal business in India. Primarily, the process of NGO formation depends on the following basis:

         Charitable Trust
         A Society registered under the Societies Registration Act
         As a company licensed under section 25 of the Companies Act

Therefore, NGO formations can a charitable trust or a society registered under the Societies act and those want the tax exemption then can apply with an application form no. 56 as per the Indian Income Tax rules and regulations. NGO's need financial help as these organizations are providing assistance to many poor people and institutions those don't have more financial stability. There are numbers of NGO's those are working on different fields in the society in order to develop and contribute for the development of the nation. Therefore, NGO registration under the Section 25 of the Companies Act is necessary.

NGO Formation Services in India

In India, one can find large numbers of NGO's those are working for various sections of the society. NGO's can be at state level as well as central level as per the companies act in India for the benefits of the society. In a country like India, NGO can play a great role as there are numbers of people are in need of some help including financial and others. If it's a society then, it must be under the Societies Act, 1980 with giving Memorandum of Association (MoA) and Articles of Association (AoA) and minimum seven members are required to form a society. There are numbers of legal firms have been providing NGO formation services with the help of qualified lawyers and trademark attorneys. Global Jurix, a well renowned legal firm has been providing NGO formation and registration services at affordable prices to the aspirants.