Shop Act Registration India

Shop Act Registration India

Shop act India is an act for the regulation of conditions of work and employment in shops and other commercial establishments. Any shop or a commercial establishment in the country is mandated to be having the shop act registration. The law is known as the shop and commercial establishment act. This act varies to a certain extent in each state of the country. The rules however may be similar; only the shop act registration procedure wavers from place to place, depending upon the type of culture. The basic terms include: short title, adult mean anyone who has completed the age of 18 years, apprentice mean all those who are not less than 40 years in age and so on.

Shop Act Registration Process

The shop act registration India also mandates some basic requirements such as:

  The company applying for shop act registration must be registered in the particular state where it is located.
  The documents of the company itself, which includes: company's constitutional documents, details of owners or            directors, a rubberstamp or logo of the company, rent and electricity bills of the business place are important to be          submitted.
    The documents varying from state to state which are generally named as form A, B and so on are to be completed and submitted.
    The important employee data such as employee contribution, employer contribution, employee name, date of birth, date of joining and leaving (if there), are to be maintained in the records.
    Returns that are to be filled based on quarter or annual should be properly maintained.

The enforcement of the shop act is done through Chief inspector of shops, also known as CIS. The shop act also mandates a closer of the shops and the commercial establishment who are registered under this act for at least one day in a week.

For a company in India the shop act registration is mandatory. But a trademark registration is not mandated here. Although in India trademark registration is not necessary, yet it is advisable for all the companies to own a trademark and safeguard it through the registration. Any large establishment, or an establishment which has grown over the years, may require a logo of its own which distinguishes it from all other companies, which produce same products or render similar services. India trademark registration matters can be solicited by the special solicitors who profess in the trademark acts.